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Patent evaluation form

Are you looking to know how much your patent or patent application is worth?

To better help you, we’ll need to collect information from you about different aspects of these industrial property rights:

  • legal information about your protection process,
  • technical information about the nature of your patent and related products or processes,
  • information about the market you are targeting,
  • information about the effective – or expected – exploitation of this invention,
  • and finally, financial data regarding the revenue you expect to generate in the coming years, in connection with this invention.

We urge you to pay the utmost attention to the answers you will provide as they will determine the relevance of the resulting estimate.

Feel free to consult your intellectual property attorneys or advisors, your accountant and anyone in your company who would be able to provide the most reliable information possible.

The information you share in this form will let us apply the net present value method (or discounted cash flows), a well-known method in the profession, and also one that is compliant with the various standards and best practices applicable today.
Our methodology integrates the risks related to the invention and its exploitation, while including the variables that are unique to your own context. This gives you a realistic value, rather than a theoretical one, based on the information that you have shared with us.

Please be aware that you are solely responsible for the nature, accuracy and completeness of this information. This service does not entail any control or validation of the information you provide.

Are you ready? Then go get your estimate!

Une évaluation indicative, sur la base d’un questionnaire accessible à tous. Inutile d’être expert.


Fill out an evaluation form and get a value estimate. No need to be a specialist.

Une méthode, basée sur les revenus attendus, conforme aux normes en vigueur


We use a well-known method based on expected revenue. Adapted to your own situation and compliant with all applicable standards.

Fourchette de valeur résultante réaliste, et donc recevable pour valider une stratégie de valorisation


The result : a realistic value range, which you can use in your valuation strategy.

Rapport téléchargeable envoyé sous 3 jours ouvrés


Downloadable report sent within 3 working days

Processus sécurisé et assistance par mail ou téléphone pour toute question survenant au cours de la démarche


Secure process and assistance by email or phone if you have any questions during the process.