Set a royalty rate

990,00 excl. tax

This service enables you to set the appropriate royalty rate in your licensing agreement within 3 working days, based on the information you share via the online form.


You are planning to license a patent, trademark, or other asset, and you would like to determine the royalty rate applicable to your situation.

Based on your statements via our online questionnaire, this service enables you to obtain the recommended royalty rate within 3 working days.

The questions we ask you (around fifteen) are accessible (no need to be an expert).

Be aware that we do not validate your declarations, nor check for consistency.

The royalty rate is determined using a method that complies with current professional practices and standards. We base our calculations on similar contracts concluded in the relevant field of activity, as well as on economic data for the sector. This enables us to provide a realistic, tailor-made, and relevant rate.

Important : 

To take full advantage of this service, we recommend you check all input information with your Industrial Property attorney, if possible.

If you have any question during the valuation process, feel free to contact us directly.

Additional information

Steps to follow

1 – Place the order and proceed to the payment
2 – Carefully fill out the appropriate form and submit your answers. If you have any questions, please contact us.
3 – Within 3 working days, you will receive your valuation report by email