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IP’Nuts is developing an international professionnal community related to the valuation of IP rights.

We want to make estimates of IP rights more accessible to everyone, to facilitate discussions between IP rights owners and buyers and increase their understanding of the various parameters to be considered.

Of course, this does not preclude the use of an evaluation by an independent expert when necessary. The more knowledgeable clients are, the better they will be able to make informed choices.

IP’Nuts is a fast, digitalized service offered by the French company Finantis Value, specialized in the financial valuation of intangible assets and particularly Intellectual Property rights.

To carry out IP’Nuts’ mission, we want to disseminate and democratize these services among professionals (lawyers, IP attorneys, chartered accountants, auditors, financial directors,…), inventors, creators and companies.

To this end, we offer different partnership possibilities depending on the involvement our partners are looking for.

Level 1: Recommendation of IP’Nuts or Finantis Value services

Our prescribing partners, individuals or companies, benefit from 10% commission on the turnover excl. tax collected after their recommendation if the legislation allows it.

We put at their disposal:

  • the necessary media kit related to our services,
  • quarterly webinars to enhance their knowledge of financial valuation

Level 2: IP’Nuts’ certified partners

We are developing our “IP Nuts’work” around the world, composed of financial valuation professionals who share our best practices.

Our partners benefit from:

  • the IP’Nuts label (if they meet our criteria of excellence)
  • public referencing on our website (if they are French-speaking) or which allows them to develop their notoriety and offers them visibility internationally and on the web.
  • the possibility of publishing posts on our blog, with a focus on their company and activity.
  • the opportunity to offer digital services complementary to their activity.
  • the opportunity to win additional customers as soon as a need for expertise is expressed on their scope.
  • Their contact details are highlighted in the submission of our IP’Nuts reports in their country.
  • an increase of their turnover while remaining in control of their activity.

In return, the Partner undertakes to communicate on this partnership.

Depending on the partnership’s activity and the applicable legal framework, a cross commission of 10% of the turnover excl. VAT may be proposed.

Level 3: IP’Nuts licensees

We want to distribute our platform in various countries and regions of the world and are open to any partner wishing to reproduce the IP’Nuts model there.

We then propose a transfer of our tools (website, communication tools, etc.) and our know-how (training in our methodology) so that they can be transposed in the countries concerned.

The license results in an upfront and annual royalties on the revenue received excl. VAT.

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